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Sheet Metal Design

Leveraging our experience in SolidWorks, Night Owl Technologies ensures the efficiency of a sheet metal part while adhering to design guidelines such as:

  • Maintain the integrity of a part with inclusion of design features like gussets, hems, and flanges.

  • Include dimensional components such as K-Factor and GD&T that are critical for production of quality finished parts. Night Owl will work in both metric or U.S. standard gauge.

Night Owl Technologies collaborates with clients to meet their design project goals.  At the start of each project, we gather key customer inputs before design work begins.  

Function- What will the part be used for? Night Owl Technologies uses this information to bring in design elements for rigidity and durability of part.

Fit- What are the mating component's geometry? In addition to the purpose of the part, it's important to know the mating components geometry to develop the corresponding feature relationships.

Form- What material does the sheet metal part need to be produced from? Understanding the material is critical in the development of part design for it's finalized form.


After the sheet metal part is designed, Night Owl Technologies will provide a 3D model and a 2D drawing.  A 3D model is ideal for visualizing the designed part from various angles.  A 2D drawing can be flattened to plan the cut pattern of the sheet metal part for fabrication and bending. 

Having a part designed with accuracy and precision is imperative to manufacturing a final product that meets customer satisfaction.  Night Owl Technologies has the experience to deliver a quality designed sheet metal part.  Contact Night Owl Technologies today for your next sheet metal design project.


Night Owl Technologies CAD Services
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