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3D Component Design

The design process can be daunting. Let Night Owl Technologies help with the designs.

Night Owl Technologies can create drawings necessary for prototyping and production, or in the case of buildings, for construction. With CAD and solid modeling software, Night Owl Technologies can create 3D modeling and 2D drawings.

A 3D CAD model of the product can be created and reviewed virtually. 3D parts can be put together into assemblies and assemblies can be evaluated for functionality. 3D Models can be shared to suppliers and tooling can be developed from these 3D parts. Drafts can be added to these 3D parts for mold designs.

Night Owl Technologies can create 3D printed prototypes that will help to finalize pre-production prototypes. 3D printed parts are great way to show off designs at customer meetings or design shows.

Night Owl Technologies can step into the "cradle to grave" process at any point to help out. Night Owl Technologies can help to make requested changes and corrections during the products lifecycle. Requested changes from suppliers, customers or manufacturing can create backlog. We are here to help.

Night Owl Technologies can develop conceptual and detailed designs that ensures products function and perform for its intended purpose. With solid modeling software, Night Owl Technologies can create designs worthy of marketing. Night Owl Technologies can develop the product concept and specifications to meet your customer’s needs. Design analysis is important for product feasibility and paramount for form, fit and functionality of your product.

After designing a part or component, one of the best ways to show off the design is by printing out a 3D representation of the part. This helps reinforce the design by proving out geometric features by doing test fits with mating parts. By proving out or doing test fits, it reduces errors and prevents costly modifications to tooling, molds and dies.


  • Allows parts to meet ergonomic requirements

  • Helps achieve complex mathematical formulas which might be a requirement for design.

  • Achieves aesthetics appearance to meet industrial design requirements

  • Allows geometric features to properly interact with fluids such as wings, propellers and turbines

Night Owl Technologies CAD Services
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