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Night Owl Technologies can develop conceptual and detailed designs that ensures products functions, and performs for its intended purpose.

Design Sketches

Have an idea that you want developed? We will take simple ideas and make professional 2D drawings. 

2D to 3D Rendering

3D CAD objects are the primary medium for communicating design concepts. Convert old 2D legacy drawings into 3D objects.

Sheetmetal Design

Night Owl Technologies can create sheetmetal designs that can be unfolded or flattened. 


We can build complex surface models that are difficult to convey on a 2D drawing. Complex surfacing can be translated to CAM files for machining tools and cavities 

Technical Drawing

After designing a 3D object, we can create a detailed technical drawing to communicate how to build the part. Whether it is a drawing to give to a machinist or it is a casting, we will fully describe it with dimensions.

3D Printing

After designing components, Night Owl Technologies has the ability to 3D print parts. No better way to show off a design than to print out the actual to a customer and allow a customer  

Night Owl Technologies CAD Services

Night Owl Technologies

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